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The Medical equipment can be shipped to the following Countries:

  • Europe
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Philippines
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • Vietnam
  • South America
  • Pacific Islands
  • Africa
  • Australia
  • Middle East
  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Bangladesh

Used Imaging Equipment - Buy & Sell Used Medical Equipment

Your Best Source to Buy or Sell Used Medical Imaging Equipment

used imaging equipment

Our mission is to help you find the right medical equipment that fits your needs and budget. 

Used Imaging is a premiere online resource to buy or sell used & refurbished Medical Equipment. We can supply Used Imaging Equipment to clinics, medical hospitals and professionals on a global scale.

We have access to a large inventory and we offer medical equipment from the best manufacturers at the lowest price. We are connecting buyers and sellers with quality used equipment and we ensure that they get competitive prices.

Used medical equipment can be shipped almost anywhere in the world !

Our main priority is the satisfaction of the customers.


Receiving a quote Easy and Free. 

Used Imaging is an independent international used medical equipment broker that has direct relationships with the largest and most renowned sellers and manufacturers in the world.

Every doctor and medical center can rely on our expertise and on our professional services for well-tested and thoroughly approved high-quality refurbished products to ensure their reliability and all features.

We are the one-point destination to fulfill all your operating room and all other medical imaging machines and systems to ensure a more efficient, time saving and pleasant experience. Our network is a great asset and through our different partners and collaborators worldwide we have access to a large inventory of refurbished medical imaging equipment available for sale in Canada, USA, Europe, India, Asia, Indonesia and to satisfy all the buyers worldwide.

Our Team

Our Company is proud to be the one stop shop online to find used medical radiology equipments with the most economical process globally. We have access to an extensive inventory that is being managed by an highly efficient management team and who have been in the business of buying and selling medical equipment worldwide for many years. We are proud to be recognized for our stability, consistency and exceptional customer service and we are always working at developing new markets and new long term business relationships with imaging equipment buyers and sellers. Please contact us for a quote if you are looking to buy used ultrasound equipment, X-Ray machines, X-Ray portable equipment, CT-Scanners, PET, MRI systems, C-ARM and other used & refurbished medical equipment.

Medical Equipment for sale As is or fully tested & inspected

At Used Imaging we have high performance standards and our goal is to satisfy the client’s needs to the fullest. The equipments are tested several times by a team of experienced technicians that enables our team to select only the best products from the best brands & manufacturers.

We buy used medical equipments 

We are also very interested if you have used medical equipments for sale. Our business partners will buy all types of used Medical Imaging Equipment and used & old equipments from Hospitals, Clinics and Physician’s office in USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. Please note that it is easier for us to buy in large volume, therefore there is no maximum amount of units that we can buy at the same time. We have buyers that are looking to purchase the old medical equipment that you may have. Our Company may provide the financing to purchase the equipment and or simply connect you with the best buyer in your Country for the used equipment that you want to sell.

Contact us if you need a quote for a specific Imaging Equipment and or if you have Medical Equipment that you want to sell.

Used Medical Imaging Equipment for Sale at the Best Price

What is a Medical Imaging Equipment

Medical imaging is known as the technique and the process for creating visual representations of the interior of a body. It is used for clinical analysis, medical intervention and to have a visual representation of the function of some organs and or tissues.

Medical imaging equipment is necessary for doctors and health specialists to see the internal structures that are hidden by the skin and the bones. The Equipment can also diagnose and treat diseases for patients worldwide. The used imaging equipment is also helpful for many clinics and hospitals around the world to establish a database of normal anatomy and physiology and to make it easier and possible to identify abnormalities in patients.

We work with the best manufacturers and sellers of refurbished medical equipment

We collaborate only with the best sellers and with companies that are leading dealers of refurbished medical imaging equipment in different countries.

Some of our business collaborators have been in this business for more than 25 years and have a rich experience in this industry.

We can accommodate almost any request from the customers and the pricing is always competitive because of the volume of sales that is generated every year through our international network.

If you are looking to buy quality used imaging equipment from direct sellers and providers of refurbished medical and imaging Equipment, we can help you. Whether you are looking for super quality, yet extremely affordable used imaging equipment, we can send you a quote for your review and you’ll have access to experts of have a rich knowledge about all the equipment that are available for sale through our Company. 

Owning to the impeccable quality of our units and exceptional customer service, we have developed a strong bond and connection with all top-notch hospitals, medical unit suppliers and OEMs. Owning to this, not only we have earned the credentials of supplying extremely satisfying units, but the inventories of our partners are composed of the highest quality of refurbished products at surprisingly low costs. 

Our access to high-grade hospitals has enabled us access to quality equipment which we in turn can supply at the right cost through our partners.

Our services

Through our partner, we offer a wide range of imaging system solutions including site preparation, interior design, installation, application training or even specially made and customized RF-cages and lead shielding.

Confident of being able to supply units that are cheaper than the competitors, our sellers can provide the maximum guarantee on the used equipment with other lucrative features like buy-back, trade-in and even removal of all your old systems. We also have direct contacts with a number of manufacturers to get direct refurbished unit access from their warehouse and our collaborators keep a complete stock of all spare parts and have some terrific service contracts tailor-made for you to ensure that you do not face any imaginable issue with any of the units you will buy.

Used medical equipment that are tested and fully inspected

Before taking any unit, the equipment will thoroughly be inspected and then all necessary repairs and parts changes will be done with the help of an extremely knowledgeable team of experts. All the units are then made to pass a series of strict quality checks before it is put on the available for buyers worldwide. Every unit receives a specific condition grading in order for the buyer to be able to judge the quality and the condition of the used equipment they want to buy. All our sellers and collaborators are practicing complete transparency and will let you know the strengths and weaknesses of each unit as assessed by the experts of that particular unit.

We provide the best service possible

Committed to providing you with a hassle-free experience and complete satisfaction when you buy used medical imaging equipment, we have sellers who can offer a return policy with no questions asked, in case you are not satisfied with the product. Thus we are confident in helping every doctor save the lives of millions through the extended life of each of the units that we offer which are in very good condition and in most cases as good as new. When we provide a quote, we make sure that the equipment is in stock in the warehouse of the seller and some equipment. Please note that it is also possible to sell equipment as is.

We have access to the best Imaging Equipment and Medical Equipment Brands at the Lowest price.

The Medical equipment can be shipped to the following countries & continents:

North America
South-East Asia
Central America
South America
Pacific Islands
Middle East

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